A person will not have any rest until Jerusalem has been made a praise over the whole planet!

“The Lord’s presence was so strong that I could feel the hair on the back of my neck standing straight up. I was sure that this experience would give me more illumination than only the belt buckle of gold I had seen before. What I saw were white and blue flames that appeared over the top of the belt buckle. The flames had a flickering motion and had a moving sound that seemed to sing directly to me. I understood that this was much more than a belt buckle, being a portal of some kind. Using only my normal eyesight, I witnessed the golden belt buckle and the flames. But my camera recorded much more.”

From the experience of Pastor Steven Shelley as he witnessed a supernatural occurrence at 4:00am.

“Directly to the right of the apparition, a set of golden stairs led to a beautiful deck. He brought his eyes toward the deck while I stood some meters apart from the vision. His right hand stretched toward the deck, he said everything was for his bride. Angels fell flat on their faces and I must be part of their fall. I only regretted that I was not close enough to see more details. Even from my far away position, the power of the vision was very true.”

Words said during one of Pastor Steven Shelley’s visions.

After these two visions, Pastor Steven Shelley had a third supernatural experience during Succot, the historical Feast of Tabernacles. This one happened in an Alabama Saturday night church service on October 21, 2005, meaning that seven years had passed since his last vision. All of these visions are described in detail at the following link.


January – “Instantly, I was aware that the beasts standing across from me was the same that John and Daniel had seen in the bible. Known as the Four Living Creatures, the one that bore an Eagle’s face told me that we needed to meet in Jerusalem and that time was running out.”

April – The vision of Pastor Steven Shelley was fulfilled with two separate meetings.

“Directly in front of my face, the woman put both of her hands into a lit wood stove and when she removed them, they were both full with burning coals. The whole time she never made a sign of pain. My Bible was across the room and the woman danced towards it, placing the burning coals on top of the holy book. People screamed the whole time that this vision happened.”

From the vision account by Pastor Steven Shelley.

“The smell was overpowering, sweet and fragrant. The whole room became bathed in the aroma and forced me to open my eyes. Standing before me was the Angel of the Lord and he came toward me, running into the bedpost.”

From Shelley’s supernatural experience in Jerusalem.